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Solarker Hybrid ACDC 12000btu solar air conditioner in Yemen work with solar panel directly without grid power

Jun 11,2020
Solarker Hybrid ACDC 12000btu solar air conditioner in Yemen work with solar panel directly without grid power
Yemen's war of independence has led to widespread power outages in the country, and the United Nations estimates that about 90 percent of Yemen's population has lost power since the war broke out in 2015. Because of the serious power shortage, some Yemenis spontaneously purchase solar energy equipment to supply power, so the photovoltaic development in Yemeni market is relatively early in the whole Middle East market.

More local photovoltaic systems use a small number of photovoltaic panels to charge the battery during the day, and convert the battery's electricity into low-quality AC power for home lighting at night through an inverter. For high-power appliances such as air conditioners, the use of batteries will be very expensive. However, for commercial places such as offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, etc. that are used during the day, because the summer in the Middle East is very hot, air conditioning and refrigeration are very important for these places.

In 2020, Solarker Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner began to enter the Yemeni market with an annual growth of more than 360%. We found that there were many trading companies selling fake or low-quality solar air conditioners in the market before, with serious after-sales problems, and many people didn't believe it. But after using Solarker's solar air conditioner, customers started to really accept this product, and our customers started to distribute this product.

The biggest advantage of Solarker Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner is that it does not use batteries and does not need utility power during the day. During the day, it can directly use the DC power of 3-7 photovoltaic panels to work stably. As long as the photovoltaic power exceeds 200W, the whole system can be started, relatively Due to the use of high-cost diesel generators, the cost of air-conditioning during the day is greatly saved. In addition, due to the use of T3 Panasonic compressors, the air-conditioning can work normally in a high-temperature desert environment of 58 degrees. I believe that more and more countries lacking electricity, such as Pakistan, India, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, will rapidly increase the demand for our products

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