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Solarker's self-developed photovoltaic off-grid application products include solar air conditioners, solar heat pumps, solar water pumps, and solar lithium batteries, which are exported to the United States, Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other markets. We provide a complete and comprehensive OEM brand promotion plan in terms of marketing and sales. In terms of product certification, we have our own CNAS laboratory and have formed stable cooperation with global product certification agencies such as TUV, SGS, and INTERTEK. In terms of technology research and development, we have our own software and hardware research and development team, which can realize product customization and function upgrades according to customer market requirements, such as RS485, CAN communication, APP remote control, etc.
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If Solarker Hybrid ACDC air conditioner works off grid?

Yes, the Solarker Hybrid ACDC unit works with solar panel directly without grid power, stable and no need back up of grid power. Night or cloudy days automatically get rest power from the grid to work. The unit get 3 modes working: 100% AC grid power, 100% DC solar panel working, mix AC+DC. Automatically setting by the machine and priority always the solar 1st.

If Solarker Hybrid ACDC air conditioner works with battery?

No. The Solarker Hybrid ACDC model works with solar panel or grid power, can not connect to the battery, If need battery working model then pls choose the Solarker DC48V air conditioner model. But we don't suggest using battery power to drive the air conditioner for residential regular using, because the consumption is high and cost of battery is high, For telecome station or special projects which get DC48V power sourses already, Solarker DC 48V air conditioner will be a good choice.

How many solar panels need for the Solarker Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner?

The solar panel QTY depends on the total power consumption of the units. Normally we match 130% solar panel power of our units rated power consumption. 12K 18K 24K normal high power consumption is 1000W 1500W 2000W, so we match 1300W, 2000W, 2600W solar panel. So if you use 450W solar panel, then 12K need 3 pcs, 18K need 5 pcs, 24K need 6 pcs, if you want to use off grid and get best saving experience, then add 1 pc extra solar panel will be perfect and save more power and can use air conditoiner longer time daily.

Do I need extra solar inverter or other controller for the Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner?

No. The solar MPPT controller is built inside the outdoor unit and with MC4 PV+ PV- connector, so you just need to prepare 3-6 pcs solar panel and connect to the outdoor unit after installation then the unit can work normally.

Where we can use the solarker hybrid solar air conditioner and how much power saving compare with normal air conditioner

We can use the solarker hybrid acdc solar air conditioner for the work offices, coffee shops, supermarket, school classroom, hospical, battery or telecom station, restarants and many daily time working places. If there is a power supply issue, like Iraq, Yemen, Bakistan, South Africa or remote area, this is the cheapest and best way to use air conditioner cooling the house compared with battery or generator solutions. Compared with normal AC power air conditioner, power saving from 30% to 100% depends on the time using air conditioner in the day time.

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