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OEM & ODM solar air conditioner, solar heat pump and solar water Pump products

Solarker new energy is one of the Chinese main designer and manufacture of solar air conditioner and solar heat pump products. We focus on the research and development of DC inverter air conditioner electric control, Solar MPPT controller, and has advanced electronic production workshop and electronic control software and hardware R&D team over 170 people. Based on the industry-leading hybrid ACDC solar controller technology, our company has developed many solar application products such as Hybrid ACDC solar AC, Hybrid ACDC hot water heat pump, Hybrid ACDC pool heat pump, Hybrid ACDC swimming pool water pump etc.All the electronic control software and hardware are independently developed and designed by our company, and more than 140 invention patents have been obtained since 2016.The above products have been exported to 48 countries including the United States, Australia, Germany, Canada, Chile, Thailand, the Philippines, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, etc. The global market has an annual growth rate of over 150%.

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Solar DC Inverter Water Pump Division

Based on the leading domestic BLDC compressor and BLDC motor inverter controller technology, Solarker has been developing DC Inverter water pump controllers and solar DC water pump controllers since 2013. At present, we have the industry-leading DC inverter submersible pump control technology, low-voltage solar DC permanent magnet synchronous motor water pump controller, and ACDC solar water pump controller system. In terms of function, it realizes AC and DC complementation, free setting of motor speed and operating power, WiFi, SIM card, RS485 remote control and other most advanced control technologies in the industry. Leading the way in technology, quality and design in solar submersible pumps, solar swimming pool pumps and solar onshore pumps.

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Water Proof Level Testing for Outdoor Unit

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Leading Technology

Solar MPPT Control and Stable Booster Without Grid Power Back Up

SVPWM Inverter Compressor Control & 180° Sine Wave Inverter Control Tech

-25℃ EVI Ultra Low Temperature Inverter Heat Pump Tech

MPPT Solar Tracking Efficiency Reach 99.9%, Wide Vmp 80-380VDC, Stable Solar Output Without Grid Power & Battery

SVPWM Inverter Compressor Control & 180° Sine Wave Inverter Control Tech Can Control Compressor Work Frequency At Less Than0.1HZ

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Solar Air Conditioner Testing On Line

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