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Solarker Solar Products List

Solar Air Conditioner

Hybrid AC/DC solar air conditioner does not require batteries or solar inverters. Under normal daylight conditions, the DC inverter compressor is directly driven by the DC power generated by 3-8 photovoltaic panels to cool or heat according to the set temperature. At night or in rainy days, when the light is insufficient, the air conditioner will automatically calculate and obtain insufficient electricity from the mains to supplement it, automatically balance the electricity, and make the system run stably throughout the day.

Solar Heat Pump

Solarker Solar Heat Pump get products below: R32 Mini Split ACDC Heat Pump air conditioner, R32 Hybrid ACDC Solar Swimming Pool Heat Pump, Hybrid ACDC heat pump water heater. Both using 3-8 pcs solar pane directly driving heat pump system to work, without grid power without battery.

Solar Water Pump

Solarker solar water pump mainly get 3 parts to work: DC water pump, Solar Pump Controller(Hybrid ACDC or DC), Solar panel.

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