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How to tell real and fake solar air conditioner?

Sep 27,2019

How to tell real and fake solar air conditioner?

There are many solar air conditioner trading company from China, but 90% are from small trading company and which have many kinds of quality issue which can not solve from the controller or from the parts. Since the initial cost of solar air conditioner is high and the benefit based on long life and running cost of solar panel electricity savings. So you must choose the right supplier who can give you real technology products, not the fake one.

From our understanding, the real solar air conditioner must have below points:

1 The solar air conditioner with solar panel must operate stably with solar panel DC power when there is no AC grid power supply. This is how real hybrid inverter solar air conditioner should be. If must need AC grid power to drive the system then mostly it’s fake solar air conditioner or not qualified solar air conditioner designer and manufacture.

2 The working voltage range of DC48V solar air conditioner is generally 45-58V. DC input power is a key indicator to distinguish the actual cooling capacity of the air conditioner. Generally, the input power of 9K is 600-700w, and the input power of 12K model is 900-1000w. Due to the high cost of lead acid battery and Lithium battery, it’s mostly suitable for occasions without electricity, such as ships, remote islands, etc. DC48V type solar air conditioner is not for money savings if you already have grid power there.

The energy saving of any vacuum tube solar air conditioner is almost zero. As far as energy saving concerning, it’s a fake technology.

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