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Solarker Hybrid solar air conditioner installed in Iraq Erbil city under 58 degree.

Oct 15,2019

Solarker solar air conditioner in Iraq Erbil city under 45 degree.

In the 1991 Gulf War, Iraq's power infrastructure was severely damaged, and the subsequent years of economic sanctions made the Iraqi government unable to carry out power reconstruction. In 2003, the United States launched the Iraq War, which further destroyed the Iraqi power system. Baghdad used to have power outages for half of the peak summer season, which is undoubtedly tormenting for locals who often experience high temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius in summer.

One of our customers in Iraq Erbil installed 1 Hybrid ACDC 12000 BTU with WIFI function and smart power meter function, his family feel so happy with this product which give them cooling in 45 C weather when government limit power and cut for using. Here is his experience and you can check full day how our unit works with power and without power both, to know more about our products technology.

The biggest advantage of Solarker Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner is that it does not use batteries and does not need utility power during the day. During the day, it can directly use the DC power of 3-7 photovoltaic panels to work stably. As long as the photovoltaic power exceeds 200W, the whole system can be started, relatively Due to the use of high-cost diesel generators, the cost of air-conditioning during the day is greatly saved. In addition, due to the use of T3 Panasonic compressors, the air-conditioning can work normally in a high-temperature desert environment of 58 degrees. 

IRAQ Solar Air Conditioner installation

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