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    1st Designer of Solar Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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About Solarker

Solarker Manufacturer of Solar Air Conditioner

Solarker new energy is one of the Chinese main designer and manufacture of solar air conditioner and solar heat pump products.We focus on the research and development of DC inverter air conditioner electric control, Solar MPPT controller, and has advanced electronic production workshop and electronic control software and hardware R&D team over 170 people. Based on the industry-leading hybrid ACDC solar controller technology, our company has developed many solar application products such as Hybrid ACDC solar AC, Hybrid ACDC hot water heat pump, Hybrid ACDC pool heat pump, Hybrid ACDC swimming pool water pump etc.Since 2018.

Solarker Manufacturer Research Center

Solarker New Energy have our own photovoltaic electronic control software and hardware development team. In terms of DC Inverter air conditioner, Dc inverter heat pump, and photovoltaic DC water pump technology, it is a global leader and has obtained 50 more domestic and foreign technology and appearance patents. Our products have been exported to 48 countries including the United States, Australia, Germany, Canada, Chile, Thailand, the Philippines, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, etc. The global market has an annual growth rate of over 150%.

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Why Choose Solarker?
With a strong controller R&D team over 170 people, Solarker mastered Solar controller and DC inverter controller technology, DC motor and DC compressor driver controller technology, -30C° super low temperature EVI technology ect. Our products are certified by the standard of most countries in the world.Solarker build-in solar MPPT booster tracking efficiency can reach 99.9%. Maximize the use of the DC power of solar panels.Solarker solar powered air conditioner has own 180° Sine wave DC inverter controller technology for DC inverter air conditioner and heat pump, “SVPWM” which makes the compressor ran at low frequency below 0.1hz
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