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DC Solar Submersible Water Pump

DC Solar Submersible Water Pump
DC Solar Submersible Water PumpDC Solar Submersible Water PumpDC Solar Submersible Water Pump
CategoriesSolar Water Pump
BrandSolarker Hybrid ACDC Solar
DC Power Supply (Solar Panel)60-400V DC
ISC(Solar DC)<=15A
AC Power Supply150-240V 50/60HZ
Rated Power Consumption1200(100-1600)W
Max Volume27m³/h
Max H19m
Update TimeJul 15,2024
Detail Information
Hybrid AC/DC Solar Swimming Pool Water Pump DC Inverter type

How Solarker solar water pump works?

The solar panel generates DC power under the sunlight during the day. The input terminal of the Solarker MPPT DC water pump controller tracks the power of the solar panel, and then converts the unstable DC power into orthodox wave power and outputs it to the permanent magnet synchronous motor through the U/V/W terminal. Then drive the water pump motor to rotate.

solar water pump installation
There are three core components of the Solarker solar water pump:
solar panel for solar water pump

 Solar panels

3-6 pcs solar panel in string connection then supply DC power to the solar sytem, normally solar panel total power is around 130% of the rated consumption power of the water pump. If water pump rated consumption is 900W, then advice 1200W solar panel 
hybrid solar pump
Solar Pump Controller
For DC solar water controller have mainly 4 models: 400W/900W/1200W/1500W

For AC/DC solar water controller have mainly 3 models:
DC pool pump

DC Water Pump

Only Permanent magnet synchronous motor can be used as solar water pump. 

Ordinary AC water pump is not recommended to be used as a solar water pump system due to its low efficiency and small adjustable range of motor speed

The core technology of Solarker solar water pump is as follows:
solar Mppt for solar pump
1/ Solar Mppt

Solar Pump Controller Tracking Efficiency reach 99.9%

SVPWM DC solar pump
2/ SVPWM Motor Control

SVPWM Motor Control Technology Efficiency increase by 20-30%

Solar water pump motor design
3/  DC Brushless Permanent magnet synchronous motor
High Efficiency, Low Noise, Wide Speed Control Range
The advantages of Solarker DC pumps
ACDC solar pump
solarker DC solar pump
Solarker pool pump with solar panel

Permanent magnet synchronous motor+ SVPWM motor controller tech: The efficiency is improved by 30%-40%; Reduce the QTY of solar panels.


304 S/S pump shaft.


Stainless steel outlet/connector/ oil cylinder.


Double bearing motor base can work under more axial pressure


Alloy mechanical seal: Longer working life and high reliability.


Motor coil is made by automatic winding machine with centralized winding technology, motor efficiency is much improved.


Intelligent water shortage protection: The pump stops working automatically when there is no water in the well, and automatically start working after 30 minutes

The advantages of Solarker DC solar pump controller
DC Controller
1/ IP65 Water Proof

2/ Off grid work, no grid power, no battery

3/ SVPWM high efficiency control

4/ MPPT tracking efficiency 99.9%

5/ Set Pump Speed or Max Power Consumption from controller

6/ Led Display checking Solar Power output, DC voltage, DC current, Pump speed

7/Automatically turn on when solar power come next morning

8/ Soft start, low current

9/High voltage, Low voltage, Over current, High Temperature protection

10/ Mc4 connector easy sonnection

11/ Anti-reverse connecting
DC solar water pump controller
The advantages of Solarker AC/DC solar pump controller
AC/DC Controller
1/ IP65 Water Proof

2/ Off grid water, no grid power, no battery

3/ Grid AC power working

4/ SVPWM high efficiency control

5/ MPPT tracking efficiency 99.9%

6/ Set Pump Speed or Max Power Consumption by controller

7/ Led Display checking Solar Power output, DC voltage, DC current, Pump speed, AC power, AC voltage, AC current

8/Automatically turn on when solar power come next morning

9/ Soft start, low current

10/High voltage, Low voltage, Over current, High Temperature protection

11/ Manual selecting AC or DC power
ACDC solar water pump controller
Data sheet of Solar Submersible Water Pump
Specs of Pump and Controller
Pump Model Power Consumption Solar PV Input
Solar PV Input
AC Power Input Max flow (m3/h) Max head (m) Outlet (inch)
SK-SSP20-19-900-A/D 900(100-1300)W 60-400V <15A 150-240V 50/60HZ 20 19 2"
SK-SSP27-19-1200-A/D 1200(100-1600)W 60-400V <15A 150-240V 50/60HZ 27 19 3"
Pump Volume and heads
Pump Model / Head 0m 2m 5m 10m 15m 19m
SK-SSP20-19-900-A/D 20 m³/h 19 m³/h 17 m³/h 13 m³/h 8 m³/h 0 m³/h
SK-SSP27-19-1200-A/D 27 m³/h 25.5 m³/h 23 m³/h 18 m³/h 12 m³/h 0 m³/h
Projects of Solarker Solar Pump
acdc solar water pump easy installation
solar water pump in Pakistan
Solar water pump in Yemen
solar water pump in Brazil
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