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Solarker 7kw A++ Hybrid ACDC Solar air source Heat Pump installed in Spain

Sep 1,2020
air source heat pump in spain
In the 1970s, when the energy crisis broke out, many countries realized the importance of heat pumps, especially energy-deficient countries, such as Japan, Germany, and some small European countries such as Denmark and Sweden. These countries themselves have relatively high latitudes. , very cold, and heating is just needed. Under such conditions, they are forced to consider sustainable clean energy. In fact, the amount of heat pumps in these countries in Europe is very large, and they will adopt various policies to encourage residents to use heat pumps. , countries like Sweden, Finland, Denmark use ground source heat pumps more, they are used well, and the state subsidies are also very large, up to 60% in relatively cold European regions, where the residential density is 1/10 of that in China Even if it is 1/100, the cost of central heating is not realistic, and the cost of passing gas is too high, so currently, air source heat pumps are generally used in Europe.

Solar air source heat pump is solarker leading solar technology,  the heat pump will works with solar panel directly DC power in day time, reach saving 100% energy from the grid power,  and it can automatically get power from grid when there is not enough solar power.

Lately our customer in Spain installed solarker hybrid ACDC solar air source heat pump and give us best feedback.
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