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What kinds of solar air conditioners are on the market?

Sep 20,2019

What kinds of solar air conditioners are on the market?

There are four main types of solar air conditioners on the market:

1. Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner

Solar air conditioners that can use 208-240V AC power from the grid power and DC power from solar panels at the same time. During the day, when there is no AC power, it works 100% by solar DC power. When it is cloudy or the sun is insufficient, the AC and DC power work at the same time.

No need inverter, no need battery, no need charger, just solar panels needed

Solar hybrid ACDC solar air conditioning

2. An external photovoltaic inverter for ordinary air conditioners

The ordinary air conditioner is connected to a solar string inverter. The air conditioner cannot work with only solar panel DC power, and then the DC power must be converted into AC power to supply to the normal air conditioner.

Normal Air Conditioner Add Solar Inverter

3. DC48V photovoltaic air conditioning system with battery

During the day, the photovoltaic panel supplies power to the DC48V air conditioner while charging the battery through the charge controller. At night, the air conditioner uses 100% of the battery DC48V power.

48V DC air conditioner

4. Vacuum tube collector solar air conditioner (solar Thermal air conditioner)

The heat of sunlight is collected by vacuum tubes or heat collecting plates and then transferred to the heat exchanger of the air conditioner. It only has a very small efficiency improvement effect when heating, and it is invalid when cooling.

Fake solar thermal air conditioner

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