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What is Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner?

Sep 12,2019

What is Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner?

Solar air conditioning refers to equipment that directly uses solar panels DC power cooling and heating. Its design principle is to convert sunlight into DC power through solar panels and then drive the full DC air conditioning system to work.

Technically speaking, the real solar air conditioner can only be a full DC inverter air conditioning system, which must use a DC inverter compressor and two full DC motors.

The core technology of solar air-conditioning products lies in the following two points:

1. Tracking the MPPT of the solar panel through the controller, the tracking efficiency can generally reach 99.9%. And stabilize the voltage and current of solar power and output to the air conditioner DC compressor and DC motors.

2. Through the software and hardware controller system, the operating frequency of the compressor is accurately controlled from 10-85HZ under the condition of input power changes. During the day, the sunlight conditions constantly change, which causes the output power of the solar panel to fluctuate sharply. Due to the VRF control system, the DC twin rotary inverter compressor runs properly and outputs the maximum cooling and heating with different power.

Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner structure

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