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Advantage of Solar Mini Split Air Conditioner Cool and Heat by Solarker

Nov 4,2022
Solar Mini Split Air Conditioner Cool and Heat by Solarker
Solarker ACDC solar air conditioner factory is one of the biggest manufacturer for Solar AC supplier in China. Since 2015, Solarker has been committed to researching and developing the production of solar air conditioner. Solarker has technical strength, complete testing devices, frequency control system of independent research and development has reached the international, leading the domestic level.
Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner has been exported to Middle East,
North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa, India, Pakistan and other 47 countries and regions. 
Solarker Mini Split Solar Air Conditioner Line up:

Solarker ACDC Wall mounted mini split solar air conditioner main features:
Smart Display

The Mini split solar air conditioner heat pump's proprietary display panel, unique PV display, plug display, power-saving display, etc., allows users to know the current operation of the air conditioner at a glance. As long as the PV panel is generating electricity, the PV icon will light up, and the plug will be bright white when plugged into the mains power-saving mode, and the plug will turn blue when it enters the mains power-saving mode.
100% Energy Saving
Solar Ductless Mini Split air conditioner heat and cool can work without electricity. Not only saves electricity, but also helps achieve carbon neutrality.
solar air conditioner display
WIFI Function
Control AC anywhere, anytime by phone
Real-time monitoring power data
Solar and grid input power complete visualization
solar air conditioner display
Full DC frequency conversion technology
The unique full DC frequency conversion technology of solar air conditioner can seamlessly connect the changes of sunlight, which can meet 50% voltage drop without stopping.
solar air conditioner display
MPPT maximum power tracking technology
Solarker hybrid ACDC solar power air conditioner get integrated independent solar MPPT booster board, Making maximum use of the electricity generated by PV panels to supply the air conditioner, and at the same time seamlessly connect with the air conditioner to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the air conditioner and MPPT.
solar air conditioner display
Customer Feedback:
After installing the Solarker ACDC solar air conditioner with solar panel , customers reflected that our air conditioner is energy-saving and environment-friendly. In the hot summer, they can turn on the solar air conditioner unscrupulously, no need to worry about the high electricity bill.

Compared with normal DC inverter air conditioner, Solarker ACDC solar power air conditioner is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.The longer you use Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner,the more power you’ll save. With the shortage of all kinds of resources new energy sources are paid more and more attention.Solar will be the trend in the future. Solarker air conditioning powered by solar panel will be the best choice for summer cooling and winter heating.
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