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Advantages of Solar-Power Air Conditioning under the Background of Carbon Neutralization Target

Nov 25,2022
Advantages of Solar-Power Air Conditioning under the Background of Carbon Neutralization Target
A new multilateral report of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) points out that in order to limit the global temperature rise, the power supply of clean energy should be doubled in the next eight years. Solar energy is the largest single energy source. In order to meet the challenge of climate change, countries all over the world have put forward the goal of carbon neutrality. Green, low-carbon and sustainable development have become an international consensus. This has created conditions for the development of new energy represented by solar power generation, and countries all over the world attach more importance to solar energy than ever before.
In this context, the advantages of solar ductless mini split air-conditioning cold and heat is remarkable. Wall mounted solar air conditioner relies on sunlight to power the system. Using PV panels, solar AC systems convert the sun’s light energy into electricity that is used to power the air conditioner. ACDC solar air conditioner with solar panel can maximize the use of clean energy and are more environmentally friendly.
As the government pays more and more attention to clean energy, Mini split solar air conditioner heat pump will become the future trend. As a professional solar air conditioning factory, Solarker has been developing in the field of solar air-conditioning for many years, and already owns a variety of solar air-conditioners, including Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner, on grid ACDC ducted air conditioner, on grid ACDC water heater and solar swimming pool air conditioner. What's more, Solarker has a strong R&D team and a complete automated production line which can fully guarantee the stability and sustainability of cooperation. Pursue energy-saving life choose Solarker Hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner manufacturer & Supplier.
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